Workshop: Build a Chatbot in an Hour! | Wednesday 28 March 2018 10:30 | Barend Jungerius - Chatbot Consultant

Amsterdam, Netherlands Herengracht 420 Amsterdam
Barend Jungerius - Chatbot Consultant +31654977329

Workshop: Build a Chatbot in an Hour!

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Start: Wednesday 28 March 2018 10:30
Bring your laptop [and mouse!] because you`re going to build your first Facebook chatbot!

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This workshop takes place in the common area @StartDock, people from outside Startdock are also welcome! Costs? €0 😃

`That`s great Barend, but what exactly is a chatbot?`

Companies can create a chatbot that interacts on the Facebook Messenger platform with [potential] clients. The bot will become a part of the Facebook page.

Chatbot can answer questions for you when you`re not online, or when you`re busy helping other clients. It`s a cheap and easy way to provide better service AND make sales!

Please go here to let my chatbot explain why chatbots work so well:

Of course, chatbots can be way more complex than a simple answering service. Use cases can be:
- schedule appointments
- take surveys & quizzes
- offer fitness programs
- offer coaching
- offer consultancy
- offer shopping assistance
- buy airline tickets
- buy insurances
- request permits
- guide patients
- etc. etc. etc.

Besides helping with these activities it`s also possible to send out a broadcast/newsletter via Messenger to everyone who has interacted with your bot \\(subscribers\\). Opening and click-through-rates are 🚀🚀!!!

In China, where most people don`t own a computer but only a smartphone, chatbots are an important part of everyday life. Chinese can buy/arrange/request almost everything via bots, built on WeChat \\(their Facebook/WhatsApp\\). This trend is no spreading at high speed across the rest of the world.

Good to know:
- Getting started at is free up to 500 subscribers.
- If you are not sure yet you want a chatbot we can easily create a dummy Facebook page.
- Adding GIFs is very important to create a successful bot, so this will be fun!

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