Workshop -4: Build a Chatbot in an Hour! | Wednesday 18 April 2018 10:30 | Barend Jungerius - Chatbot Consultant

Amsterdam, Netherlands Herengracht 420 Amsterdam
Barend Jungerius - Chatbot Consultant +31654977329

Workshop -4: Build a Chatbot in an Hour!

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Start: Wednesday 18 April 2018 10:30
Bring your laptop [and mouse!] because you`re going to build your first Facebook chatbot! In case you already attended one of the previous workshops, we can take you to the next level!

This workshop takes place in the common area @StartDock, people from outside Startdock are also welcome!

Costs? It’s free for Dockers and €10 for externals [PayPal or cash].

`That`s great Barend, but what exactly is a chatbot?`

Companies can create a chatbot that interacts on the Facebook Messenger platform with [potential] clients. The bot will become a part of the Facebook page.

Chatbot can answer questions for you when you`re not online, or when you`re busy helping other clients. It`s a cheap and easy way to provide better service AND make sales!

Please go here to let my chatbot explain why chatbots work so well: [it will open in Facebook Messenger].

Of course, chatbots can be way more complex than a simple answering service. Use cases can be:
- schedule appointments
- take surveys & quizzes
- offer fitness programs
- offer coaching
- offer consultancy
- offer shopping assistance
- sell airline tickets
- sell insurances
- request permits
- guide patients
- etc. etc. etc.

Besides helping with these activities it`s also possible to send out a broadcast/newsletter via Messenger to everyone who has interacted with your bot subscribers. Opening and click-through-rates are πŸš€πŸš€!!!

In China, where most people don`t own a computer but only a smartphone, chatbots are an important part of everyday life. Chinese can buy/arrange/request almost everything via bots, built on WeChat [their Facebook/WhatsApp]. This trend is no spreading at high speed across the rest of the world.

Good to know:
- Getting started at is free up to 500 subscribers.
- If you are not sure yet you want a chatbot we can easily create a dummy Facebook page.
- Adding GIFs is very important to create a successful bot, so this will be fun!

More information and use cases can be found here:

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